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Private Onsen

Onsen is an essential part of Japanese traveling culture.

Public Onsen Photo by Niseko Photography
Public Onsen - Photo by Niseko Photography

Each Annupuri Garden property comes with a private onsen. Natural spring water from about 800 meters below the ground is used so that our guests can truly get a Japanese onsen experience from the comforts of their own (vacation) home.

Apartment Onsen
Annupuri Garden Apartment Private Onsen

The Sulfate Onsen is composed mostly of sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate. This type of onsen helps soothe skin allergies, stiff shoulders, heal shallow wounds, proper blood circulation, and the like.

Townhouse Private Onsen
Annupuri Garden Townhouse Private Onsen

The Annupuri Area is surrounded by many public onsen of different kinds that locals and guests visit to rejuvenate after a full day of work and/or outdoor activities. Some locals even go daily. To get the full Japanese vacation experience, you simply must try the onsen.

With your own onsen here at Annupuri Garden, you are assured of the full luxury experience - with privacy - at your own accommodations.